Manuel Muehlbauer

Urban Scholar

  • Compact Urbanism using Generative Design
  • Regional and Urban Sustainable Communities
  • Smart Cities and Data Analytics

Manuel is an Architectural Engineer and Researcher who joined the Global Compact Cities Programme in 2017 to undertake research projects investigating the use of generative design in compact urban projects. Manuel has a Diplom-Ingenieur degree in Architecture from TUM Munich, with a specialization in Building Construction and is currently undertaking his PhD at RMIT University. Manuel has over five years experience in architecture, generative design and urban design, including international experience and awards for the projects he has been involved in.

His professional interest is in optimisation and generative design, urban planning, analysis and simulation to better understand the urban context of a city and develop tools that enhance planner’s capabilities to design and manage urban development. He also has particular interest in expressing ideas through three-dimensional representations by use of digital visualization and fabrication technology, as he is convinced that designer’s intuition, social and cultural understanding are the greatest asset in urban innovation.