Beau B. Beza

Urban Scholar

  • Informal settlement and community self-realisation of places
  • Placemaking and deliberative planning
  • Knowledge transfer and project realisation in urbanising and post-disaster settings.

Within urban research, Dr Beza has three main areas of interest, all of which revolve around community action and their realisation of sustainable urban settings. These interests have allowed him to work in a professional and scholarly application of knowledge in Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the United States, Norway, Mexico, Colombia, Nepal and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Currently, he is conducting research on community self-realisation of places and realising built projects post-natural disaster in Colombia and Nepal, respectively. His professional and academic knowledge base is derived from a landscape architecture degree obtained at the University of California, an urban planning master degree and a PhD (architecture and design) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.