Claudia Montalvo

Former Intern

Claudia undertook an internship with the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme in 2017. Claudia is licensed in architecture by Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas in Peru. She is an Architect with over 10 years of international professional architectural and project management experience, in Spain and Peru.

Claudia has completed online courses in project management from Columbia University and Sustainable Development from Delft University of Technology. She has taken a recent interest in sustainable development, putting her efforts into achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

In her internship role, Claudia provided administrative and event management support to the Symposium in Sustainable Development Research in Asia Pacific in Melbourne, held at RMIT & sponsored by the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme. The symposium was focused on sustainable construction practices, relating to four key important themes: education for sustainability, sustainable cities, sustainable buildings and sustainable infrastructure. Claudia was supervised by Dr Usha Iyer-Raniga and Dr Judith Rogers.

Claudia is interested in sustainable construction practices, particularly the design and construction of environmentally sustainable buildings and the integration of disaster risk reduction measures through sustainable construction practices.

Claudia is a native Spanish speaker, who is fluent in English and French, with basic language skills in Portuguese and Italian.