19 Sep 2015
Growing Expertise: Meet our new Global Advisors

Enriching our support to participant cities, we are proud to announce the appointment of a number of new Cities Programme Global Advisors.

Our Global Advisors are international practitioners with expertise in a broad range of fields. They are both ambassadors for the Cities Programme and in their field work to advance human rights and social equity, environmental sustainability and transparent inclusive governance. Their expertise is made available to the network of participant cities and the international secretariat.

We welcome the following valued friends and colleagues to the role of Cities Programme Global Advisor:

This is the first time our network of Global Advisors will include representation from our member cities – Porto Alegre, Milwaukee and Barcelona.

As such, these city leaders bring rich experience in innovative and inclusive approaches to cities and urban development, particularly in terms of collaboration across sectors and, in the case of Porto Alegre and Barcelona, citizen engagement.

See Cezar’s case study article: Porto Alegre – new avenues for democracy, equity and citizenship and Mireia’s case study article: The Universal Forum of Cultures – a laboratory for ideas.

Mireia has a long standing relationship with the Global Compact, and headed up the Barcelona

Centre for the Support of the Global Compact for a number of years.

Cezar is also sharing his long standing expertise in participatory systems with Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities (100RC)  as Porto Alegre’s Chief Resilience Officer (CRO).

Dean Amhaus has unique experience in new collaborative forms of industry clusters and economic development, specifically around water technology and services and water stewardship. See the Water Summit 2015 and case study article: Milwaukee Innovative World Water Hub

As well as their respective areas of expertise, Diego Velasco von Pilgrimm and Professor Darryn McEvoy bring significant experience and relationships in the Asia Pacific to their roles as Global Advisor. This is a region in which the UN Global Compact is expecting significant growth in city participation in the coming years.

Diego has a long standing association with the Asia Pacific region through his foundation role at APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum), his former position as the Chilean Consul General to Melbourne and in his current role as the Deputy Director for the Asia Pacific Region at the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Amongst many other Climate Change Adapatation initiatives, Darryn has recently led on-the-ground climate and resilience assessment projects in the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu, in collaboration with CCCI, UN- Habitat’s City Climate Change Initiative.

Very recent additions to our Global Advisor group is Katherine Teh-White , David Teller and Professor Collin Fudge. Both have long standing associations with the Global Compact and Cities Programme, stemming from the inception of the Programme. Katherine brings to the Cities Programme a wealth of problem solving knowledge from her experiences in various roles across a wide range of sectors, including banking, media and natural resources.

Having served as the inaugural Director for the Cities Programme, David now specialises in urban infrastructure development (particularly transportation) and the critical role this plays in supporting the growth and health of cities and their inhabitants.

Professor Colin Fudge Professor Fudge is the inaugural President of RMIT Europe and brings extensive experience and knowledge to the centre. He has enjoyed a long career in Europe and Australia, having worked in universities, government and the private sector with specific expertise in cities.

Our new Global Advisors have made a two-year commitment to the Cities Programme role. They join our current Global Advisors, many of whom renewed their two-year term in May 2015.

These include:

  • Mr Eduardo Manoel Araujo, Sustainability Practitioner and Educator – Curitiba, Brazil
  • Professor Eugenie Birch, Lawrence C. Nussdorf Chair of Urban Research and Education and Co-director of the Penn Institute for Urban Research, University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, USA
  • Dr Malcolm Borg, EU Project Coordinator, Heritage Enterprise – Malta, Europe
  • Ms Joyati Das, Senior Director, Centre of Expertise for Urban Programming, World Vision International – Melbourne, Australia
  • Mr Mahmoud El Burrai, Managing Director, Dubai Real Estate Institute – Dubai, UAE
  • Mr Michel Frojmovic, Director, Acacia Consulting & Research – Ottowa, Canada
  • Mr Gary Gannon, Co-founder & Manager, Visual Life Web
  • Mr Sascha Haselmayer, CEO, CityMart – Barcelona, Spain
  • Dr Meg Holden, Sustainable Cities Scholar, Simon Fraser University – Vancouver, Canada
  • Mr Steve Kemp, Executive Director, Open Plan – Lincoln, UK
  • Professor Joseph Konvitz, Visiting Professor, King’s College London – London, UK
  • Mr Howard Nielsen, Managing Director, NACC Sustainability – Brisbane, Australia
  • Mr John Smithies, Director, Cultural Development Network – Melbourne, Australia
  • Dr Herbe Verrest, Director of the Research Masters of Urban Studies Program, University of Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands

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