SDG 11 Call to Action – How are you shaping equitable inclusive cities?

Architects, urbanists, city designers and builders – share your innovation and collaboration that is advancing SDG 11

Sustainable Development Goal 11 asks us to “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”

We are partnering with the FPAA (La Federación Panamericana de Asociaciones de Arquitectos) in a call out to the professions that shape cities. This is with the objective of:

  • increasing engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • increasing the interchange of knowledge and effective practice
  • seeding partnerships
  • increasing the replication and scaling up of innovative projects

We are encouraging these organisations to commit and report on projects that are addressing complex social, economic, ecological, cultural and built environment urban challenges.

We are looking for approaches that are:

  • innovative
  • collaborative
  • participatory
  • holistic
  • medium to long term

The Process

After registering an Expression of Interest, including an overview of the project and its innovative approach, you will be given log in details to list your project, where you will be able to identify the project’s:

  • Link to the SDGs and Ten Principles
  • Issues being addressed
  • Objectives
  • Partners
  • Strategies
  • Outcomes
  • Key learning

The project can be submitted at at any stage in the project’s life but you must commit to providing regular updates and having systems of measurement.

You can report on your project with text, videos and images.

You will be able to update the project as it progresses and also be able to provide separate news updates.

You must be willing to provide contact details and to be contacted by others.

If your organisation is not a UN Global Compact participant you are encouraged to make the commitment. However, this is not mandatory.

Through contributing your innovation

You will be part of a comprehensive media library that will be accessed by a network of architects and urbanists and cities from different parts of the globe.