15 Jul 2013
Expansion of our Global Advisors

Our Global Advisors have long played an important role in building the international connectedness and depth of expertise of the Cities Programme. This role has recently been enhanced with the appointment of a number of new advisors and an expansion of the Advisor’s roles and responsibilities.

Newly appointed advisors include: Professor Eugenie Birch from the Penn Institute for Urban Research in Philadelphia, USA who has expertise in urbanization and sustainable development and Professor Saskia Sassen from Colombia University in New York, who’s expertise spans Globalization, Migration and Finance.

They are joined by Professor Peter Hall from London, world leading expert in urban development;  Professor Jyoti Hosagrahar who straddles roles in Bangalore, India and Colombia University, USA, an architect with expertise in urban heritage and sustainable development; and Professor David Held from University College in Durham, England who has expertise in Cosmopolitanism, Governance and Democracy.

The Global Advisors have become central to the refinement of UNGCCP tools and methodologies, and are available, within their area of expertise, to advise UN Global Compact participating cities, communities, and governments.