16 May 2013
More movement in Brazilian Paraná: Antonina commits as Aliança Paraná Sustentável grows

Last month, April 2013 the historic and picturesque Brazilian coastal city of Antonina became the newest city participant of the UN Global Compact.

Antonina’s commitment to the Ten Principles of the Global Compact was made by Prefeito João Ubirajara Domero and Vice Prefeito Wilson Clio de Almeida Filho (pictured on the left).

This action was part of the city`s inclusion in the new Cities Programme supported statewide sustainability initiative, Aliança Paraná Sustentável.

And Aliança Paraná Sustentável continues to grow ..

Antonina’s commitment to the Global Compact along with Telemaco Borba‘s late last year, has brought the number of cities in the state of Paraná   participating in the UN Global Compact to five. This is more than most countries and certainly the most for a single region. Other Paranà cities include Maringa, Ortiguera and Campo Mauraó. Aliança Paraná Sustentável  is also closely aligned with the associated with the Association of Municipalities of Paraná. A growing force.

Aliança Paraná Sustentável is a cross-sectoral initiative comprised of government, business, civil society and academia. The Alliance was officially launched at the Global Compact’s Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum in June 2012 by Paranà state Governor, Beto Richa. See the Rio+20 Photo Gallery and News Post.

As well as new cities the Alliance has also brought other organisations to Global Compact. New members this year include:

  • CAU/PR – Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo do Paraná (The Paranà Council of Architecture and Urbanism
  • SINDARQ – Sindicato dos Arquitetos do Paraná (The Parana Architects Syndicate)
  • IBQP – Instituto Brasileiro de Qualidade e Produtividade (The Brazilian Institute of Quality and Productivity)
  • RCD Sistemas – Rede de Cidades Digitais (The Digital Cities Network)
  • Segmento Comunicação (Segment Communication)

New resources and communication have recently been developed for the expanding Aliança Paraná Sustentável. These include a new promotional video (below) launched April 2013 .

Follow this link for a Power Point overview of the Sustainable Paraná Alliance ( 26-02-13).


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