13 May 2013
Australian takes up new Chair of Global Compact Local Networks role

Australian Matthew Tukaki has recently been appointed Chair of the new Global Compact Local Network Advisory Group.

Established during the Annual Local Network Forum in Geneva in April, the Local Network Advisory Group serves as a conduit for all country networks to raise ideas and provide guidance to the Global Compact Office in order to maximize the initiative’s global-local reach, knowledge and expertise. Elected as Chair, Mr Tukaki is joined on the Advisory Group by Local Network Representatives from Chile, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Mr Tukaki stressed, “This role is an important step toward strengthening the capacity of 101 Global Compact Local Networks across the world to deliver transformative change.” Mr Tukaki is also the representative of the Global Compact Local Network Australia .

In his capacity as Chair of the Local Network Advisory Group Mr Tukaki will also occupy the ex officio seat on the Board of the UN Global Compact. Appointed and chaired by the Secretary-General, the UN Global Compact Board is a multi-stakeholder body comprised of business, civil society, labour and United Nations representatives that provides strategic advice for the initiative and makes recommendations to the Global Compact Office.

At the Board meeting, the Secretary-General welcomed Mr Tukaki as the newly-elected chair of the Advisory Group and thanked him for his commitment. Additionally, UN Global Compact Executive Director Georg Kell embraced Mr Tukaki’s presence at the Board meeting: “Local Networks are the key to the future of the Global Compact, and this new role on the Board will help ensure that the perspectives of our local operations are at the heart of strategic discussions.”

Cities Programme Director, Professor Paul James is delighted with the Matthew’s appointment, particularly given his relationship and experience with the Australian Global Compact Local Network. “Australia is in a unique position, hosting two United Nations International Secretariats – the UN Global Compact Cities Programme and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PSI) . This has now been strengthened by Matthew’s appointment as Chair of the new Global Compact Local Network Advisory Group. We look forward to a strong and strategic relationship between the Cities Programme and the new GC Local Network Advisory Group; we all agree city engagement is a needed and important contributor to Local Network strength and we will work together to increase this”.

Mr Tukaki will be presenting the perspective of the business community at our People and the Planet: Transforming the Future Conference in July.