11 Jul 2012
The City of Maringa Brazil Becomes the Latest Global Compact City

With an outstanding record of achievements in the area of responsible fiscal management, anticorruption and political transparency the city of Maringá Brazil has been welcomed by the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme (UNGCCP) as its most recent signatory city and newest member of the Brazilian Local Network.

Cities Participation in the Global Compact requires commitment to the Ten Guiding Principles of the UN Global Compact. This commitment is a pledge to uphold human rights, labour standards, and to work towards environmental sustainability and anti-corruption in all their development and business activities.

Over the last decade, the city of Maringá’s achievements in social innovation has been demonstrated by their commitment to strengthening social organisation and government efficiency.

In 2009 the city won the Social Innovation Initiative prize given by CEPAL (The Economic Commission for Latin America) for cooperation between public and private sectors in fighting corruption and promoting the efficient use of public funds.

As the facilitating body for this cooperation, the Secretariat of Internal Control (SIC) is an innovative form of public administration designed to prevent diversion and misuse of public funds and guarantee transparency in the tendering process. Business owners, academics, public officials, students, judges and religious leaders gathered to create this apolitical organization which enlists volunteers to accompany all stages of the tendering process to prevent plunder of public funds.

The SIC operates in all sectors of the city administration helping to increase control and efficiency, with special attention on the correct use of public resources. The main objective of the secretariat is taking preventive action to correct identified problems across all sectors of the municipal administration. It is overseen by a recognised professional nominated by the Social Observatory of Maringá, an organ of SER (The Society for Ethical Responsibility).

The partnership established between the government of Maringá and the Social Observatory has been so successful that in 2009 the Observatory was awarded by CEPAL as one of the most innovative initiatives of the entire American continent. The award recognized that an organized society is capable of creating mechanisms of control that can halt corruption and misuse of public funds.

A new administration and management model has been implemented by Maringa Mayor Silvio Barros, providing the data and the administrative structure to aid its success. In recognition for his vision and leadership Mayor Barros was awarded the Prêmio Prefeito Inovador 2010 (PPI) – Award for the Most Innovative Mayor 2010. This award provides national recognition for municipalities that work to develop actions to that modernize and streamline government services.

Granted by Movimento Brasil Competitivo –the PPI was developed as a part of effort to stimulate the modernization and the reduction of bureaucracy within the Brazilian public service through the recognition of good management and practices in the municipal public service. Maringá was awarded for its innovation in the areas of health, management, administration and environment and public service improvement. Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Recife and over 120 cities were competing for the prize.

In addition to these awards, Maringa has also been ranked amongst the 10 best fiscal municipal managements in the Country by the FIRJAN Index of Fiscal Management (IFGF). FIRJAN is the ‘Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro’. This organization monitors the results of the management of local governments in all 5,564 Brazilian municipalities. The FIRJAN Fiscal Management Index (IFGF) is a response from the FIRJAN System to the need for Efficient Public Management, through the use of a democratic tool for accountability, measuring quality in the provision of public services to the population. According to the IFGF, Maringá has the highest index in the State of Paraná, and the 8th in Brazil regarding to the management of municipal public accounts.

“I am really looking forward to working closely with the UNGCCP and maximising my city’s relationship with the Programme and contributing to the Brazilian Local Network,“ says Mayor Barros.

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