Multi partner Sustainable Urban Development projects

E_2016_SDG_Poster_all_sizes_with_UN_emblem_LetterThe  Cities Programme’s supported multi partner sustainable urban development project system enables the development of partnered projects that are high impact, high value and can attract financing (see model below).

This model is particularly important as a mechanism for cities and regions to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda.

UN Global Compact – Cities Programme member cities and regions (and others) are encouraged to participate in a supported two-year capacity building process to develop innovative high impact projects utilising the ‘Melbourne Model’ to address a complex or seemingly intractable issue or set of issues. The system to support multi-partner sustainable urban development projects at the city level specifically:

  • extends over a two year period
  • is managed and supported by a local cross-sectoral group comprising government, business, civil society and academia
  • focuses on critical economic, social and environmental issues of the city and evaluate impact
  • is connected to and with local and international technical experts and agencies
  • involves a
    • diagnostic process
    • capacity development
    • partnership development (non-traditional PPPs)
    • monitoring and evaluation
  • receives support to broker funding arrangements.

The desired outcomes of this supported pipeline process for multi-partner high impact sustainable urban development projects is for the city or region to have:

  • built strong and lasting partnerships with private sector and civil society around high impact and high value projects with appropriate governance models
  • implemented partnerships and projects that deliver significant impact
  • provide evidence of capability for securing external support and financing for future projects
  • built local capacity for identifying and formulating collaborative projects and scaling up existing successful sustainable urban development projects

This is a core process of our Leading level cities.


The multi partner pipeline approach for high impact sustainable urban development projects provides numerous benefits:

  • a process and support for engagement across sectors to create collaborative opportunities with ‘non-traditional’ partners to address critical issues in innovative ways
  • an enabling environment for high value/high impact projects
  • brokering of partnerships and governance guidance in development of ‘non-traditional’ Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • knowledge sharing between city officials, UN officials, private sector and civil society mentors
  • development of technical expertise through training, mentoring and applied development of a high value/high impact project to address a critical urban issue or set of issues.
  • mechanisms to support justification and attraction of investment into public private and civil society partnerships.

Multi Partner High Impact Sustainable Urban Development Project model

Support and Services from the International Secretariat

The Cities Programme international secretariat team have a system and expertise to build capacity and support members to apply this project ‘pipeline’ approach for developing multi-partner managed sustainable urban development projects. We provide a system of tools and services to support the city and its partners throughout this pipeline process. These include:

  • capacity building training and applied process
  • city diagnostic guidance and review
  • facilitation support and mentoring for creating shared value opportunities
  • multi-criteria decision making tools for prioritising opportunities and supporting preferred project business case development
  • guidance for governance and enabling environment for partnership development
  • development review and advice on Partnership Project Proposals
  • project investment and implementation review and guidance
  • official recognition and promotion of progress and achievements

Become involved

If you are interested in developing multi partner sustainable urban development projects in your city or region please contact Joana Correia –

This supported system is being rolled out globally to multiple cities and partners as ‘City Partnerships’ under the leadership of Michael Nolan. The first country to have this offer is Australia. Another eight countries will follow over the next two years.