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Oslo Panorama

Launch of guide for city governments to foster CSR

The work of Global Compact leading cities –  Oslo, Melbourne and Leeuwarden – with their cities’ private sector has provided valuable case studies for a recently published guide on social and environmental corporate responsibility. Developed by Helen Scott, Cities Programme Research Associate and PhD Candidate with RMIT, the “Local Government Guide to Fostering Corporate Responsibility” offers a… View Article

Successful launch of Ethical Cities MOOC leads to April course

Is it possible to tackle some of the regressive trends that are impacting cities around the world? Could the adoption of a more ethical approach change how we view our cities, how we make decisions and how we engage with other stakeholders? These and many other questions were addressed by over 1,200 participants in the… View Article

Angra Doce moves forward

Much progress is being made with the Brazilian Innovating project, Angra Doce, the large territorial sustainable tourism development that is a collaboration between the Paraná and Saõ Paulo governments, fifteen municipalities, the private sector, academia and the community. The 7th regional meeting of partners was recently held in Ourinhous. There were presentations from: Federal Deputy,… View Article

UNDP launches online course on migration

Cities Programme Chair Michael Nolan recently met with the Programme Manager for the Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) from the Brussels Office of UNDP, Cecile Riallant. Their discussion highlighted important overlaps that exist between the two programmes, primarily surrounding migration as an area of interest. JMDI have launched a free yet comprehensive e-learning course on… View Article

Seminars to advance the New Urban Agenda and SDGs in Curitiba

A number of key Cities Programme partners in Brazil recently conducted seminars to raise awareness about the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. This was part of the agenda for the visit of Deputy Director, Elizabeth Ryan, coordinated by Rosane de Souza. CAU-PR  – Council of Architects and Urbanists – Paraná Date: 27… View Article

Launch of the report on Porto Alegre’s Innovative Network model

The long awaited research report on Chocolatão and the innovative cross-sectoral networks of Porto Alegre was recently presented to the city’s Mayor, Prefeito Jose Fortunati, bringing with it a refined development process model for cross-sectoral, participatory collaborative networks and a wealth of new achievement and impact. The ‘Sustainability and Citizenship Networks of Porto Alegre – and the… View Article

UNAAV Young Professionals and Better Cities

The UN Association of Australia recently hosted the Global Goals Academy series aimed at educating and empowering change towards achieving the SDGs. For the fourth event on 16 November, the UNAAV Young Professionals teamed up with the Cities Programme to host “Better cities for a better world: achieving the urban goal” at RMIT University. Attended by… View Article

Paranacidades becomes a regional partner of the Cities Programme

The urban development arm of the Brazilian state of Paraná, Paranacidades, has recently formalised a partnership with the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme which should result in a substantial increase in numbers of municipalities in Paraná actively engaged with the SDGs and New Urban Agenda. The new partnership was marked by a meeting with… View Article

Learning from the urban transformation journey of second cities

When facing economic challenges, many second and intermediary cities around the globe are taking a partnered approach to their urban transformation. Australian city Geelong recently stepped out on an international study to learn from others, with research support from the UN Global Compact – Cities Programme and RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research. The resultant report “Winning… View Article