Cities Programme events

We encourage and organise events to bring together cities, partners and potential collaborators and communities. We support and recognise events at a city scale to promote cities’ engagement at the local level.

We also regularly organise international events, often as a component of larger international gatherings or with partners. Recent examples include:

We also facilitate seminars and workshops to establish and advance collaborative projects.

Ethical Cities campaign

This year in the lead up to Habitat III we are running a series of events as part of a campaign called Ethical Cities.

Dr Brendan Barrett speaking at an Ethical Cities event for PrepCom3 in Surubuya

PrepCom3 “City Scan” side event

List your event

City participants are encouraged to hosts events as part of their Global Compact participation and to promote improved practice and outcomes in other cities. You can list and promote you event through your membership of this website.

If you do not yet have a membership register here.

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