11 Sep 2015
Communicating on Engagement

Until recently, only business organisations participating in the UN Global Compact have been required to disclose their progress in implementing the Ten Principles.

To make the most of city engagement in the initiative, the Global Compact Board has decided that non-business participants are now required to Communicate on Engagement (COE) every two years.

The Value of COE

COEs represent a valuable opportunity to share your city’s actions towards advancing social equity and justice, environmental sustainability and good governance on a global platform.

Your COE discloses to stakeholders specific activities that you take in support of the UN Global Compact. It has a flexible format and may be prepared in any language.

Three Minimum Requirements

The Global Compact’s COE Policy sets out key information including the minimum requirements for each COE.

  1. A statement by the highest representative from your organisation expressing continued support for the UN Global Compact and renewing your organisation’s ongoing commitment to the initiative.
  1. A description of the practical actions your organisation has taken to support the UN Global Compact principles and engage with the initiative.
  1. Measurement of outcomes.


  • City participants must submit their first COE within two years of the date of joining the Global Compact.
  • City participants who joined before 31 October 2013 must submit their first COE by 31 October 2015.


For further information on Communicating on Engagement, please contact:

The Global Compact CityScan

The Global Compact CityScan is also a valuable mechanism for Communicating on Engagement. This new city diagnostic tool has recently been piloted by 20 Global Compact city participants.

For more information on the CityScan, please contact: