23 Sep 2015
Booming in Brazil

There has been a flood of Brazilian cities committing to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, with 12 participant cities joining over the past two months. This engagement has been facilitated by our Brazil Country Point of Contact, Rosane de Souza, who is encouraging these municipalities to work together to address their social and environmental challenges. A number of the municipalities are planning to undertake innovating projects, including Paranaguá, the most recent city to commit.

The new Brazilian cities are Rosana (State of São Paulo) and from the State of Paraná – Centenario do Sul – Colombo – Inajá – Itaguajé – Jardim Olinda – Lupionópolis – Paranaguá – Paranapoema – Porecatu – Santa Inês – Santo Inácio .

Rosane is working with a number of these municipalities as collectives. Santa Inês, Santo Inácio, Porecatu, Centenário do Sul, Lupionópolis, Itaguajé, Jardim Olinda, Paranapoema and Inajá work as the Pirepanama Consortium.

We welcome these municipalities and look forward to learning more about their actions, challenges and commitments.

Colombo Mobilising the Business Community

Colombo, the third largest municipality in Greater Curitiba, made the commitment to the Global Compact earlier this month and plans to advance the Ten Principles in its role as a municipal leader, in practice and with partners.

Colombo’s municipal administration views business community engagement as vital. “We want to mobilise the municipal enterprises to disseminate the principles of the Global Compact”.

The Planning Minister, Cezar Antônio Bittencourt Junior, also said:

“In the current context we live in, those companies that have social commitment in their management stand out from the rest. Ignoring this fact can be damaging to any organisation”.

Colombo will commence its engagement with mapping its actions and projects to improve processes and the development of indicators to measure progress.

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